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I first decided to become a journalist because I believed it would be a great way to support myself while writing the ‘Great Canadian Novel.’ How wrong I was!

However, I soon realized that I love journalism – the ability to open yourself up to new experiences, while also affecting change, is why I’m addicted to it. In what other profession can you meet suspected terrorists one day and attend black-tie galas the next? Now, if only I could make some money doing it…

I’m a huge nerd. Comics, video games, movies, TV – I take it all in like a bloated pop culture sponge. One day, I figure, I’ll give back, in the form of an award-winning novella, TV series or film… but I still have to catch up on Fringe! Maybe tomorrow. In addition to FAJO Magazine, I also contribute to t.o.night Newspaper, Lucid Media Magazine, Comics & Gaming Monthly and Rue Morgue Magazine, where I regularly exhume corpses as their office intern.

My goals for journalism are as such: get more involved in investigative reporting, make it to E3, meet all of the CBC Dragons (3/5 so far!) and change the world for the better, not necessarily in that order.


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