Netflix announces deal with National Film Board of Canada

November 18, 2013

By Jennifer Cortez

Photography courtesy of Netflix Inc.

Last week, Netflix Inc., the world’s leading Internet television network with over 40 million members in more than 40 countries, announced its new multi-year licensing agreement with the National Film Board of Canada, creator of interactive works, social-issue documentaries and auteur animation.

Netflix members can now enjoy exclusive subscription video-on-demand access to a wide variety of documentaries from Canadian filmmakers, including popular titles such as Helicopter Canada, Life with Murder and The Boxing Girls of Kabul. The deal includes films in English, French, Thai and Farsi.

“This latest agreement with Netflix Inc. underscores the appeal of great documentary storytelling to audiences everywhere,” said James Roberts, NFB assistant director general of accessibility and digital enterprises.

“As a Canadian leader in socially engaged point-of-view documentary cinema, we’re committed to making these works available to audiences on the platforms of their choice and are delighted to be able to expand our offering with Netflix Inc., who’ve revolutionized the way people experience content online.”

Many titles in this agreement are now streaming, with more to launch in early 2014.


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