Marco Grisolia, spring/summer 2017

July 12, 2017

Seven visual moments were created in Marco Grisolia‘s latest collection.

“This was achieved with the collage technique,” says the designer. “In each one of them, I captured the harmful actions and degenerative conditions produced by mankind.”

The collection is divided into seven themes: I wanted to stay; I am what I am; Degrees of degradation; It’s too hard for me; Owners of nowhere; Crisis; and I wanna be perfect. 

The designs are manifestations and reactions based on Grisolia’s own feelings. In his work, he wanted to provide commentary on violence, gender respect, ecological degradation, spiritual fragility, population and resource exploitation. He also wanted to reflect the constant superficial desire of appearances, decoded through media outlets or direct contact, as according to Grisolia, they have become the foundation of our reality, a disharmonious act fueled by common distraction, here healed through the image.

A synthetic tale this becomes a powerful metaphor when expressed on cotton maxi shirts, embossed georgette dresses, maxi-dresses and sweaters. For spring/summer 2017, the neat and raw cuts contrast with vivid chromatic palettes of pink and light blue, later becoming brighter with red and turquoise.

















By FAJO's editorial team
Photography by courtesy of Marco Grisolia and Studio DModa

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