Carolina Herrera curates Verdura’s 75th anniversary

September 18, 2014

This October, to mark its next anniversary, Verdura will host The Power of Style: Verdura at 75, a retrospective exhibition featuring over 150 original pieces by master jeweler and Sicilian duke, Fulco di Verdura.

Noted fashion designer Carolina Herrera, her husband Reinaldo Herrera and their daughter Patricia Lansing, will curate the show, which, along with the 150 original jewelry pieces, will include a small selection of Verdura’s 10,000 gouache jewelry designs, his personal miniature paintings and rare photographs.

Carolina Herrera is the new curator of the 75th anniversary of Verdura.

Carolina Herrera is curating the exhibit with family members, which boasts more than 150 original jewelry pieces.

Famously starting his career as the head jewelry designer for Coco Chanel, Verdura was credited with modernizing jewelry design by pressing colourful gemstones into yellow gold. Eight years later he moved to America. Financed by his friends Cole Porter and Vincent Astor, the jeweler opened his eponymous boutique on New York’s Madison Avenue in 1939.

Verdura designed for royalty, fashion designers and Hollywood icons, including the Duchess of Windsor, actresses Rita Hayworth, Katharine Hepburn and Joan Crawford, and artist Andy Warhol. Two of his most recognized pieces are the original Maltese Cross cuffs he designed for fashion icon, Coco Chanel.

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Verdura and Coco Chanel (left) worked for nearly eight years together before his move to the U.S. Verdura was also named “America’s Crown Jeweler” by the New York Times. Photo credit (right): Geo Platt Lynns.

Ward Landrigan, chairman and CEO of Verdura, bought the company in 1984, six years after the duke’s death. In a statement, Landrigan said, “For 30 years, it’s been my dream to share Verdura’s genius with a wider audience and bring him the recognition he deserves as the single most influential jeweler of the 20th century. I want people to know this amazing man, who he was and why his work changed everything.”

The show will be open to the public from Oct. 14 through Dec. 23, 2014, and held at 745 Fifth Avenue in New York City, steps away from Verdura’s flagship location.

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By Violet MacLeod
Photography by / courtesy of Verdura and Carolina Herrera

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