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Lacey Ward

Social media editor

Toronto, Canada

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Lacey Ward (second right).

“I have always had a strong love for fashion: from outfitting my dolls to now dressing models at fashion week, I have grown to love and appreciate the art of style.

“Raised in a quiet town, I didn’t always have a
chance to explore fashion in the way I desired,
so I was always very eager to move to a city and
chase my dreams!

“Upon moving to Ottawa and attending Carleton University for Communications and Law, I began volunteering for Ottawa Fashion Week as a Designer Coordinator and Enrollment Executive. This really opened my eyes to different aspects of fashion that I wanted to explore. The opportunity to work so
closely with designers to plan, and ultimately reveal their collections on a runway, was such a fulfilling experience.

“One of the things I appreciate most about fashion is seeing how everyone chooses to work with it in different ways. I love to see people embrace individuality within fashion to create their own style; this is something I always find myself observing.

“I am definitely a social media junkie (I have finally come to terms with this). When I have spare time (and even when I don’t) I am tweeting, Instagramming, updating my status on Facebook or pinning to my fashion board on Pinterest.”