Luxury focus: LG G6 and why it’s a perfect gift

December 21, 2017

It was a good year for the technology sector, with many excellent releases in the last 12 months. One of the highlights was the launch of the new LG G6 phone, which you may have already seen highlighted in our recent Luxury Holiday Gift Guide.

“The LG G6 answers the call of consumers with the features that are most important to them, like an amazing camera packed with innovative new features and a large display, all wrapped up in a sleek and sexy design,” says Shelly Walia, Brand Manager, Mobile Communications at LG Electronics Canada. “More and more people are using their smartphones for entertainment—gaming and videos. With the LG G6, we’ve been able to maintain an ergonomically correct design by shrinking the bezel to offer a larger display.”


In addition to its 5.7-inch display, which is a good increase from the 5.3-inch panel of the G5 model, LG G6 stands out because of its aspect ratio. Instead of opting for the typical 16:9 aspect ratio, LG has chosen to go with 18:9, which has resulted in a taller panel in a smaller body. Narroz bezels provide a comfortable grip and easy one-handed use for this smartphone.

The beloved camera options we saw at LG G5 are back and upgraded: there is a wide-angle camera (front and rear), a square camera mode, an advanced selfies mode and even a video studio and GIF generator. In terms of photography quality, the rear cameras (both normal and wide-angle view) offer 13 megapixels, while the front camera is 5 megapixels.


The internal memory is at 32 GB, but you will be taking so many photos on this incredible smartphone that we recommend purchasing memory cards, which can take you up to 2 TB! You will basically be carrying a sleek, stylish and very multi-functional device that will perfectly function as your phone, computer, DSLR camera and entertainment system—all in one.

And most importantly, if you tend to drop your phone, remember that this device is both water and dust-resistant. In fact, it has an IP68 rating, which essentially means that it will survive an accidental drop in the bathtub or the sink. These IP grades belong to international standards, and are used to check the resistance of industrial electronic equipment. The letters IP came from the acronym Ingress Protection. In the case of the LG G6, we are told:

  • The first digit is 6, which is the highest degree of protection against dust. Dust can not get into a device under any circumstances, which is excellent considering how annoying dust can be.
  • The second digit is 8 and it refers to protection against water in complete and continuous immersion. This means that the device will withstand a complete immersion in water of up to 1.5 meters for 30 minutes. Water temperature in this case can vary from 15 to 35ºC. That’s truly excellent if you have ever dropped your phone in the bathroom (let’s face it, most of us have, at least once). However, this only applies to fresh water, so swimming pools and sea/ocean will be off limits. On that note, we recommend you invest in a waterproof pouch, as you would want to take this incredible phone with you to snap photos on your next beach vacation.

Design and look-wise, the phone is available in a sleek black or platinum colour, and it would make a thoughtful and very trendy gift for anyone on your list this holiday season, be it yourself, a family member, a good friend or even a colleague. It’s a great investment, and we can’t recommend it enough!


In Canada, LG G6 is available at the following carriers: Bell, Eastlink, Fido, Freedom Mobile, Koodo Mobile, Rogers, SaskTel, TELUS, Videotron and Virgin Mobile. The following retailers also carry this smartphone: Best Buy Mobile, Tbooth wireless, WIRELESS- WAVE, Wireless Etc. (located in Costco Canada nationally) and WOW! mobile boutique.

Retailing at $900; price may vary based on the carrier.

By Hannah Yakobi
Photography by / courtesy of LG Canada

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