FAJO Photoshoot: The Lost Romantics

June 12, 2012

Photography by Colin Gaudet

Styling by Jessica D’Angelo

Assistant styling by Danica Olders

Make-up and hair: Ashley Dawn Szabadi

Models: Caroline Henrie & Mylene Leclaire (Models International Management)

The inspiration for the photoshoot came from the combination of The Lost City’s line and the stylist’s own vintage collection. The shoot was held at an apartment in downtown Ottawa that had many beautiful windows and skylights, as well as an amazing balcony. The style of the spread brings forth ideas and feelings similar to the Lost Boys from Peter Pan. There is a playful nature to the styling, which mixes with adventure and youth of exploring and falling in love.

The name for this artistic project was developed once the photos were chosen. The stylist was really inspired by the light leaks and the soft colours of the spread, as well as the models she worked with. “Both Caroline and Mylene really brought forth a natural innocence and excitement to the camera that reminded me of romance,” says D’Angelo. “The way that Colin shoots always feels very romantic too. He is very personal and connected to his subjects in a way that is nothing less than romantic – not in the sense of romantic love, but in the sense of artistic romance.”

The idea of The Lost Romantics suggests a longing or nostalgia for something in the past, something that was once beautiful. And that feeling still lingers…



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