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WINNER of our Ottawa Fashion Week contest – Masha Sorina!

October 28, 2011

Our magazine recently teamed up with the Ottawa Fashion Week and ran a readers’ fashion contest. Participants were asked to …

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Top 5 shoe/bag pairings

October 27, 2011

By Sarah Ward
Photos courtesy of Joanel Inc. and Geox Shoes
November is almost here, and it’s time to start packing away …

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5 looks for fall

September 29, 2011

By stylist Alexia Jacquot
Photo collages by Alexia Jacquot via Polyvore
This tailored wool herringbone jacket paired with wide-leg pants, cuts a …

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And the winner is…

September 23, 2011

A few weeks ago, our magazine partnered with the Ottawa Fashion Week to give one lucky winner two full-week passes …

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Season trend: coats

September 9, 2011

Fall is upon us.
This season is all about colour. In fact, fall 2011/2012 is probably the most colourful fall we …

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WINNER of our Toronto Fringe Festival contest – Rob Kempson!

September 1, 2011

When FAJO Magazine spotted Rob Kempson at the Toronto Fringe Festival in July, his stylish outfit made him an obvious …

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Street style photography takes over

August 22, 2011

Text by Justine Woolcott.
Photos by Amoi Murphy, Ming Wu and courtesy of Martini Severin.
In late April, hundreds of people waited …

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The ultimate in luxury

August 16, 2011

Photos by Kareen Mallon.
This week, we present to you the ultimate in luxury shopping! Luxury clothes, accessories, foods – whatever …

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Sexy, glamorous…affordable!

August 8, 2011

We might be a luxury magazine, but this week we decided to show you our picks for some more affordable …

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Season trend: totes

August 4, 2011

So, naturally, summer rolled around and you are ready to shop your heart out. You are unstoppable and even if …

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Funshops focus on dressing well and self-esteem

August 3, 2011

Text by Justine Woolcott.

Photos by 44 Media and Sharp Fluff Photography (www.sharpfluff.com).
The Foundry Lofts are becoming more than just …

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Swimsuits special: tips for perfect shopping

July 27, 2011

Text by Alexia Jacquot.
Photos courtesy of Rigby & Peller London (www.rigbyandpeller.com).
Anxious about baring all at the beach or by the …

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Contest results: Best Dressed at the Toronto Fringe Festival

July 11, 2011

Photos by Kalynn Friesen.
A note from the editor:
When we teamed up with The Fringe Festival, Toronto’s largest theatre and performance …

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Season trend: red

June 28, 2011

It’s the colour of love, the colour of seduction and the colour of summer! Make sure to pick an item …

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The Fabric Story

June 6, 2011

By Sarah Dion-Marquis
Photos provided courtesy of Stanley Carroll, Joanne Boivin and Christianne Brunelle
The a-lined shape tank top that is at …

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