Les Exceptions: new perfume collection by MUGLER

September 10, 2014

Canada was chosen to be the first country in the world to present a new collection of perfumes Les Exceptions by Mugler.

The company released not one but five new perfumes this summer, created in collaboration with acclaimed French perfumers in second generation, Olivier Polge and Jean-Christophe Herault. The collection reinterprets blends of traditional fine perfumery, explores new avenues, challenges conventions and mixes genders.

It consists of five fragrances:

Chyprissime — this scent is based on a traditional blend of bergamot orange, oak moss, cistus labdanum and patchouli. Another secret ingredient adds a fruity and juicy accord with pear accent. Polge comments: “Pear takes away the vintage sheen from this great monument of classical perfumery. A stylishly original, sophisticated perfume.”

Supra Floral — this perfume is created around the fragrance of hyacinth and spices. Polge describes its creation: “By blending notes of incense and an amber base, I imagined a hyacinth with a bold temperament, far from the idea of the emblematic, romantic flower. Supra Floral signals a seductive perfume for women and temptation for men.”

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Fougère Furieuse — this is a fragrance for men, which is based on traditional woody notes with heranium, oak moss, bergamot and coumarin. However, its floral note, neroli, is borrowed from feminine perfumes and challenges the masculine character of the perfume. According to its creator, Herault, the approach to creating this fragrance is “resolutely Mugrlerian. Playing on the codes of the genre, borrowing some elements from the male wardrobe, then changing them, daring to be outrageous … Feminine floral facets have been intensified and the contrasts amplified.” This is a very contemporary approach.

Over the Musk — this fragrance is delicate and sensual, comparable to the texture of cashmere. It was created thanks to ambrette seeds produced by hibiscus, which transform animal musk into plant musk. This perfume explores the bright side of sensuality. Herault says, “Simplicity sometimes reveals many nuances… From fluffy white cashmere to powdery velvet, the story is about irresistible sex appeal.”

Oriental Express — balms, resins, vanilla and powdery effect create this new blend. Polge enhanced the harmony of sandalwood and vanilla by blending it with carrot and basil, for an aromatic green effect. He says, “This striking contrast gives birth to a feminine or masculine oriental fragrance, with an unexpected personality.”

The bottles’ design is simple, but luxurious. It is subtle, decorated with a metal stirrup clip, inspired by Art Deco. Another traditional moment — they are refillable.

This new collection is available exclusively at selected locations at Hudson’s Bay in Canada:

Toronto: Queen Street and Yorkdale; Montréal: Downtown; Vancouver: Downtown.

By Darina Granik
Photography by / courtesy of MUGLER

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