Hairstyles to rock based on your face shape

October 31, 2017

Autumn is a transitional season, when most of us start craving a change, especially when it comes to our hairstyles.

This month, we asked Toronto-based Donato Salon + Spa’s senior stylist Raquel to give FAJO readers some advice on what hairstyles would work best depending on your face shape. Here is what she told us!

How does one determine their face shape?

There are five main face shapes, each with their own defining features.

Heart: forehead is the widest part of face, tapering down to a narrower jaw.

Diamond: pointy chin, narrow forehead with wide cheekbones.

Square: length is the same as the width of the face with a square jaw.

Long: face is longer than the width; forehead, cheekbones and jaw are equal in width.

Oval: face is longer than the width; cheekbones are the widest point with a rounded jaw.



For each face shape, can you provide an example of a celebrity who has that face shape?

Round: Chrissy Teigen

Long: Alexa Chung

Heart: Scarlett Johansson

Square: Olivia Wilde

Diamond: Vanessa Hudgens

Oval: Katy Perry


How do the different hairstyles differ depending on a person’s face shape? 

A haircut can be customized to highlight your best features or hide the worst. You can choose to expose certain areas of the face or hide them to create the ideal face shape, which is oval.



Please recommend 1 trendy hairstyle per face shape.

Round: lob with seamless layers

Long: square bob with blunt fringe

Heart: long, textured hair with front fringe and dropped edges

Square: a mid-length bob with a centre part and layers below jaw

Diamond: past shoulders, one length

Oval: soft, textured pixie

And remember: learning what your face shape is can be very beneficial to finding the perfect cut, or changing from an old cut to a new one!

By FAJO’s editorial team
Photography by / courtesy of Donato Salon & Spa

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