Your body, your masterpiece

January 28, 2015

What comes to mind when you hear the word “art”? How about the Mona Lisa, or artists like van Gogh or Picasso? Better yet, considering that FAJO is a fashion magazine, the names Hermès or Giuseppe Zanotti might come to mind first. Each of these portraits, designers, brands and painters can be considered forms of art in their own right.

But have you ever thought of yourself as an artist? With the start of the new year, here are ways in which you could sculpt the best masterpiece of all: your body.

Stay active

For people living a sedentary life, physical activity like exercising or weight-training may seem inconsequential. However, our bodies are created to move, not to remain inactive.

Whether you do weight training, yoga or Pilates, physical activity plays an important role in shaping your body. Weight-training improves the strength of your bones, joints and tendons, and aids in fat loss; yoga provides clarity for the mind; and Pilates increases core strength and stamina.

Also, being physically active helps with the release of endorphins, the “happy” hormones that can instantly improve your mood and energy level.

Monitor what you eat

I’m sure you’ve heard the saying, “You are what you eat.” You want to be authentic, vibrant and colourful. This is at the heart of effective nutrition.

Most foods consumed are either processed or fast because of the convenience they provide. As a result, your body is likely consuming an excess amount of empty calories. Processed foods like bread, pasta and packaged items should be consumed in minute amounts, if consumed at all.

Try eating more fruits and vegetables. Think of your plate as a rainbow — an array of colorful produce. These natural foods will give your body the nutrients it requires.

Get motivated

Sometimes not feeling motivated can be one of the biggest challenges. And that is completely normal, we’re sure Picasso didn’t always feel like painting.

To counter the challenge, think about how you’d like to look and feel six months from now, the compliments you’ll receive, the overall feeling of accomplishment you will enjoy.

Choose a photo of a physique you would like to have (it could be your favourite celebrity or even you a while back), look at it daily and remember to keep pushing through.

Water, water, water

Most importantly, bear in mind that water amounts to 60 per cent of your body, which makes it essential to your overall well-being. It contributes to the look and feel of beautiful skin, helps you feel satiable, flushes toxins from the body, and allows you to survive and thrive.

Try to limit your alcohol, caffeine and soda consumption as they can all contribute to dehydration. Whether it is for digestion, absorption or circulation, your body needs water to function optimally.

You are the artist of this masterpiece that is your body. Treat it with respect and admiration. Carefully craft, worship and maintain it. Remember: it’s irreplaceable. 

Look after your senses

The fundamentals of your body and mind should not be taken for granted, and this includes your senses. Take sight, for example. Most of us cannot fathom the idea of losing it or having it somewhat impaired. The truth, however, is that it could diminish any time and you may be visiting sooner than you think. The same goes for hearing and perception. You should do whatever you can to protect the basic yet essential aspects of your being: every day!

By Trudie German
Photography by Shutterstock

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